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We cant begin to tell you how amazed we've been with the support of the local community over the past few months - especially during COVID19.

Within two weeks of lockdown, this website and online store was created to ensure those in isolation or wishing not to venture out, could still have access to our products and services.

Our contract free delivery has gone from strength to strength, and because of your support, we've been able to invest in Gateshead's first Zero Emission home delivery service, with the use of our brand new electric van!

Delivery Days

We deliver all orders on Mondays and Fridays. Special requests will be considered, just drop us a message.

  • Orders placed on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays will be delivered on Friday.
  • Orders placed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will be delivered on Monday.

Liquid Refills

  • First you need to find containers at home you'd like to be refilled. The whole aim here is to reduce plastic waste and live that little more sustainably
  • Make a note of how many millilitres (ml) your bottle holds.
  • Find the liquid refill you wish to purchase
  • Amend the quantity in your shopping cart to reflect the quantity of your bottle. Here you simply want to order the amount of ml's your bottle holds, but in g's on our site.

Eg. if your bottle holds 700ml, amend the shopping cart to show you'd like 700g. 1g is roughly 1ml.

  • Once you have your shopping cart ready, proceed to check out as normal.
  • On your requested delivery day, simply place your bottles at your door step with each bottle clearly labelled with what liquids you'd like in each bottle.
  • We'll then fill them up at your door.

Please have your suitable containers on your doorstep or other visible place by 7am on your delivery day.

If you have any special requests, simply drop them in the comment section at the checkout.

As simple as that!